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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Webinar on "Teaching on the Web"

Thanks to Sarah Straw and Dr. Mario Villareal-Diaz for hosting me for a webinar on "Getting into On-Line Teaching."  Great support, and interesting students.  Here are the ppts from the "show."

PPE Conference

G. Brennan, G. Sayre-McCord, J. Anomaly and I hosted more than 20 kids from around the U.S. from PPE programs.  My session was Friday, Feb 28.  It was really fun!

O, Davidson!

Talk to "Senior Session" at Davidson College on Wednesday, Feb 26.  Thanks to Dr. Fred Smith for hosting me, and thanks to the students for being awesom!

Bastiat Society of Indianapolis

Thanks to Dr. Pat Lynch of Liberty Fund for hosting the "Bastiat Society" talk on Tuesday, Feb 24.  And thanks to Dane Starbuck for arranging the visit.  It was fun!

Ball State

Hosted by the wonderful Dr. Cecil Bohanon.  What a great guy!  Two talks, one to large crowd on "Regulation" on Feb 23 and a smaller "tea talk" on "euvoluntary exchange" on the morning of Feb 24.  Cold in Indiana, but warm at BSU.

Charleston Southern University

Gave lectures, arranged by Dr. Scott Pearson of the Economics Department, at lovely Charleston Southern.  Evening lecture on "euvoluntary exchange," and morning talk on "Intro to Public Choice."  Had a great time!