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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Boom and Bust: Montana!

Monday August 19-Friday August 23: Boom and Bust in America--Parables from Montana. At the Three Forks, MT Sacagawea Hotel.  Linked at Free... From the web site....

This seminar will explore social, economic, and ethical aspects of Boom and Bust. This phenomenon is commonly associated with the c ol lapse of mining . It includes, however, cities that declare bankruptcy or ones whose primary industries fail. Consider textiles, steel mills, or auto manufacturing, and the nearly bankrupt states of California and Illinois. What valuable lessons can the Boom and Bust phenomenon offer in helping us ethically respond to today’s environmental, industrial, governmental, and social justice conflicts? 

We will begin at the Gallatin Gateway Inn with an evening and day of presentations and discussions. An all day field trip to Butte will give us a retrospective story on the economic bust of a one industry town. Presentations on the Bakken oil developments in Montana and North Dakota will highlight the e x citement and physical and social problems of economic booms . 

How are human needs of tens of thousands of work ers affecting local communities and life long residents? What happens when the resource is exhausted? How can ethical and social justice concerns be addressed and by whom? What kinds of roles can social entrepreneurs play to ameliorate some effects of boom and bust economies? Presentations and discussions will focus on these and similar questions... 

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